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Erectile Dysfunction Risk Not Lowered by Aspirin, Other NSAIDS
Renal and Urology News
Lack of association found in a study of men in the placebo arm of the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial. Use of aspirin and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) does not reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction (ED), new study findings

Sex Addiction and London Escorts

Sex addiction is a big thing these days. Our sexuality seems to be changing somehow, and the Daily Mail recently published an article that seemed to confirm this. A quarter of the UK population seem to claim it is gay or bisexual. Perhaps this would explain why services such as duo dating, or escorting for couples, are becoming so popular. More and more London escorts agencies seem to be jumping on the band wagon and introduces what many traditional London escorts call “extra services”. Some of the new dating ideas seem to be coming over from the United States, other are more home grown.

But are we becoming sexual addicts? There are some indications that we are beginning to feel more liberated about topics such as porn and sex. The services of London escorts seem to be becoming more and more mainstream, and accepted. Does this mean that we are okay about a growing interesting in sex, or are we becoming sex addicts? It can be difficult to tell who is a sex addict or just enjoy dating London escorts for a bit of fun and diversity. After all, what we need to remember, is that many ladies also enjoy dating male London escorts.

A sex addict can perhaps be described as somebody who can’t stop thinking about sex, and sex makes up a large part of their lifestyle. They spend time with London escorts because they are sexy companions, perhaps many of them need to have a sexy partner on their arm all the time. You will even hear some London escorts talk about gents who would like them to dress up really sexy. Perhaps they are the sexual addicts we are looking for on this occasion? The definition of a true sex addict is not that easy to define, as many of them do not talk about their habits.

Another indication could be the inclusion of porn in their daily lives. Some London escorts say that they have dates who can’t get out of bed in the morning without watching a porn movie. After they have watched their movie “to get them going”, they might for instance masturbate in the shower. It is not unusual for them to collect adult literature, or sex toys. Many of them feel an intense need to visit with ladies such as London escorts on a daily basis. Their situation might even get them into a serious amount of debt.

Sex addiction can just like any other addiction, get out of control. Some London escorts claim that they have met men who are completely addicted to sex, and feel that they need to be around London escorts all the time. They may have a fascination with a certain sexual practice or one porn star in particular. Often they will find it difficult to stop talking about sex, or even thinking about sex. This is perhaps a sign of a true addict and many of these men need help. However, the big question is – how do you help a person who is addicted to sex?

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Illegally Added to Medical Wines – Yibada (English Edition)

Yibada (English Edition)

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Illegally Added to Medical Wines
Yibada (English Edition)
China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) has announced that 69 medical wines produced by 51 businesses have illegally added chemicals, including sildenafil, causing many to be concerned about the safety of traditional Chinese medicines in the …

Singapore warns that “organic” orange juice is secretly laced with erectile … – Quartz

The Straits Times

Singapore warns that “organic” orange juice is secretly laced with erectile
Purportedly “organic” orange juice in Singapore that is billed as “suitable for the entire family” actually turns out to have significant levels of erectile dysfunction drugs, the country's health officials warned today (Aug. 14). Some of the S Lion
HSA warns against orange juice brand found to contain banned erectile The Straits Times
'S Lion Juice' supplements contain potentially harmful ingredients: HSAChannel News Asia

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Why two brand name erectile dysfunction drugs aren’t the same price – Washington Post (blog)

Why two brand name erectile dysfunction drugs aren't the same price
Washington Post (blog)
The news that in 2016, CVS Health will drop coverage of Viagra, the little blue pill that spawned a multibillion dollar industry of erectile dysfunction drugs, would seem to offer a window into one of the curious paradoxes of drug pricing. After all

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Apricus Biosciences Announces Approval of Vitaros(R) for the Treatment of … – Nasdaq

Apricus Biosciences Announces Approval of Vitaros(R) for the Treatment of
"Since the first European approval of Vitaros in 2013, together with our commercial partners, we have made significant progress in making Vitaros available to men suffering from erectile dysfunction in Europe. These additional approvals, under the DCP, …
Apricus Biosciences (APRI) Announces European DCP Approval of Vitaros for

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Impotency Is Sometimes Due To Pornographic Viewing

Recent studies indicate that the percentage of impotency in our society keeps rising day by day. In each four victims of impotency, one victim is a teenager. According to the Association of Andrology and Sexual Medicine, boys who are 14 or 15 years of age and who watch pornography regularly can suffer from loss of desire and erectile dysfunction when they reach age 25.

According to research published in ‘Psychology Today,’ XXX movies generate a ‘short circuit’ in the channels of pleasure. The brain gets used to the stimulation through porn; therefore, the response in real life becomes increasingly difficult for porn watchers.

Sexual pleasure is born in the brain; therefore, if too much pornography is being watched, the ‘wow factor’ won’t be able to develop itself in real life, as everything will appear ‘less striking.’ It happens like any other addiction. They constantly need the ‘drug,’ which in this case is pornography. Without this stimulus, young addicts find it difficult to maintain an erection.

The extensive development of the Internet has facilitated access to erotic content. In fact, twelve percent of web pages are of pornographic nature.
After many years of watching porn, the brain’s natural response to sexual stimulation numbs itself. Erectile dysfunction caused by pornography abuse is not solved by pills. These act on the cardiovascular system (stimulating blood flow in the penis), but not on segregation of dopamine, which is affected in this case.

According to a study, the solution to solve this issue is to set pornography aside. If this is done, in about three months, a natural sexual response will be achieved. During the early days of ‘abstinence,’ people often experience strong sexual desires, but these decrease if they stick to setting pornography aside. In the next phase, occasional morning erections and desire will gradually be recovered until the person is able to maintain healthy and fulfilling sex in real life.

A study by the University of Granada ensures that Internet sex addiction is a progressive problem. According to this study, the behaviors over time become more frequent, more extreme or both, moving from discovery through experimentation, climbing, compulsion, and eventually ending in despair.

As you can conclude, watching pornography causes individuals to lose sight of their ‘erotic picture’ and confuse desire with momentum, but as previously mentioned, there’s a solution, but only the ones who are willing to regain the ‘real life picture’ have more hope of making their obsession a thing of the past.

No More Viagra: CVS Drops Pfizer’s Erectile Dysfunction Drug – Bloomberg

Orlando Sentinel

No More Viagra: CVS Drops Pfizer's Erectile Dysfunction Drug
CVS Health Corp. dropped Pfizer Inc.'s erectile dysfunction medication Viagra from its list of coverage for drug insurance benefits, two years before the treatment is expected to face generic competition. Patients can get coverage for Eli Lilly & Co.'s
No more Viagra: CVS drops coverage of erectile dysfunction drugOrlando Sentinel
CVS/Caremark Will No Longer Cover These Drugs, Including ViagraTIME
CVS Drops Viagra, And Nobody Seems To Know WhyThe Inquisitr

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