Birthdays is one of the most beautiful events happening in life; it reminds us that life is beautiful. Birthdays should be celebrated even in simple ways; we should be thankful for the gift of life. Life is precious; we have to be happy as much as possible every single day. Although there are times we experienced pain and sufferings, we should not worry about it. I always told myself that when I already had the chance to celebrate my birthday, I will make it extra special. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time in my life, and I am glad that I made it.


Dreams in life can be achieved, it depends on your determination and hard work. In order to succeed you have to do your best and never give up. Giving up is not a choice, its the simplest way to end your pain. Pain leads you to happiness when you overcome it when you try to fight even if its hard. When you still believe that everything will end at the right time. You have just to be patient enough to wait at that moment. LIfe is like a bicycle; it keeps moving when you keep riding.


Every kid is waiting for their big day, their birthday. When we were kids we get so excited when our birthday is coming; we wish to have lots of food and invite guests. We are excited to open gifts and blow our candles. It’s so lovely to hear when people sang us a happy birthday. It feels like our existence really matter.


But not all people have the same situation in life; some don’t celebrate their birthday due to financial problem. Of course, when you had a financial crisis in the family, you prioritize your daily food rather than one big celebration that cost a lot of money. These poor kids have nothing to wait, even greetings were forgotten, and nothing more hurts than that.


When I was a kid, I didn’t experience celebrating a birthday; my parents always told me that its a waste of money. But deep in my heart, I wanted to celebrate it even in a little way. On the day of my birthday, I saved money from work and bought a cupcake for myself. I go directly to my room and sing myself a happy birthday and blow this candle. Every year I had one wish, to celebrate a birthday worth remembering.


Years passed when I finally finance myself and has a good career. I travel to Kingston to celebrate my special day. I book a Kingston Escorts of to be with me, and she made my birthday really special. She did her best to entertain me, and that was the best gift in my life, genuine happiness.